IJCCI 2019

International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

25-26 October 2019

Paper ID Author(s) & Paper Title
3 Sumaiya Tabassum Nimi, Md. Adnan Arefeen and Muhammad Abdullah Adnan. CerebLearn: Biologically Motivated Learning Rule for Artificial Feedforward Neural Networks
4 Zahra Sadeghi. Conceptual Content in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: An analysis into multi-faceted properties of neurons
11 Md. Mehadi Hasan, Md. Ariful Islam and Shafkat Kibria. Lexicon-free Bengali Automatic Speech Recognition System
13 Tanjina Helaly, Safayet Hossain, Showrav Saha and Jannatul Ferdous. Automated Tax Return Verification with Blockchain Technology
16 Sabila Nawshin, Sarah Ahsin, Mohammad Ali, Swakkhar Shatabda and Salekul Islam. Voice command to code fragments based IDE in cloud
20 A. S. M. Shafi and Mohammad Motiur Rahman. Recognition and Classification of Fruit Diseases based on the Decomposition of Color Wavelet and Higher Order Statistical Texture Features
25 M. Raihan, Nasif Alvi, Md. Tanvir Islam, Fahmida Farzana and Md. Mahadi Hassan. Diabetes Mellitus Risk Prediction using Artificial Neural Network
26 Md. Kowsher, Mir Md Moheuddin, M Ashraful Alam and Md.Jashim Uddin. Two New Regression and Curve Fitting Techniques Using Numerical Methods
33 Roxane Desrousseaux, Gilles Bernard and Jean-Jacques Mariage. Identify theft detection on e-banking account opening
35 Shfayet Ahmed, Eliza Ahmed and Akhlak Uz Zaman. IoT based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System with double tier data storage facility
41 Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury and Dr. Md. Farukuzzaman Khan. Bangla phoneme recognition: probabilistic approach
44 Nuray Jannat, Sabbir Ahmed Sibli, Md. Anisur Rahaman Shuhag and Md Rashedul Islam. EEG Motor Signal Analysis Based Enhanced Motor Activity Recognition Using Optimal Denoising Algorithm
45 Chowdhury S. Islam, S. Hossain Mollah and M. Alaudi. A Novel Idea to Evaluate the Performance of DNN Algorithms for the Motion of Signals
48 Nuruzzaman Faruqui and Mohammad Abu Yousuf. Automatic Missing-child Recovery System using Eigenfaces 
49 Mohammed Mahmudur Rahman, Zinnia Sultana, Musrat Jahan and Ramis Fariha. Prediction of Financial Distress in Bangladesh's Banking Sector Using Data Mining and Machine Learning Technique
54 Fatema Yeasmin Chowdhury, Md. Khaliluzzaman and Khondoker Md Arif Raihan. Pedestrian Age and Gender Identification from Far View Images Using Convolutional Neural Network
55 M. I. R. Shuvo, M. A. H. Akhand and N. Siddique. Handwritten Numeral Superposition to Printed Form Using Convolutional Auto-encoder and Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network
56 Pranta Protik, Sudipto Das and Md. Rafiqul Islam. Chemical Reaction Optimization for Mobile Robot Path Planning
57 Pallab Kumar Nandi, Romana Rahman Ema, Tajul Islam and Shadman Jahan. An Automated Wireless Irrigation System By Using Moisture sensor and DTMF technology
58 M. A. H. Akhand, Md Ijaj Sayim, Shuvendu Roy and Nazmul H Siddique. Human Age Prediction from Facial Image Using Transfer Learning in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
59 Sm Mazharul Islam. Semantic Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessel via Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network
63 Md. Rakibul Islam, Ashraful Rasel and Moniruzzaman Rony. Drug Protein Interaction Network Detection and Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease Related Genes: A Bioinformatics Approach 
64 Sanjana Khan Shammi, Faysal Bin Hasan and Jia Uddin. An approach for detecting Heart Rate analyzing QRS Complex in Noise and Saturation Filtered ECG Signal
69 Md. Ali Hossain, Tania Akter Asa, Sheikh Muhammad Saiful Islam, Muhammad Sajjad Hussain and Mohammad Ali Moni. Identification of genetic links of Thyroid Cancer to the Neurodegenerative and Chronic diseases progression: Insights from Systems Biology Approach
70 Md. Rayhan Al Islam, Maliha Rahman, Md. Rezyuan, Jia Uddin and Rubayat Ahmed Khan. A Robust Cursor Activity Control with Iris Gesture and Blink Detection Tecnique
72 Sumit Saha and Md. Rafiqul Islam. DNA Motif Discovery Using a Hybrid Algorithm
74 Saulin Tuhin, Fahim, Syed Fahim Rahman, Syed Faisal Rahman, Abu Al Mursalin and A.K.M. Muzahidul Islam. A Study on Software Defined Radio using USRP B200
77 Md. Zahid Hasan, Shakhawat Hossain, Mohammad Shorif Uddin and Dr. Mohammad Shahidul Islam. Sources and Impact of Uncertainty on Rule-based Decision Making Approaches
78 Mir Lutfur Rahman, Pranta Sarker and Ahsan Habib. A Faster Decoding Technique for Huffman Codes Using Adjacent Distance Array
81 Protik Nag, Sristy Sangskriti and Marium-E- Jannat. A Closer Look into Paintings' Style Using Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning
82 Partha Chakraborty, Mohammad Abu Yousuf, Md. Zahidur Rahman and Nuruzzaman Faruqui. How Can a Robot Calculate the Level of Visual Focus of Humans Attention
84 Md. Tarek Habib, Md. Robel Mia, Md. Jueal Mia, Mohammad Shorif Uddin and Farruk Ahmed. A Computer Vision Approach for Jackfruit Disease Recognition
85 Sadman Sakib, Mahzabeen Emu, Syed Mustafizur Rahman Chowdhury and Mohammad Shafiul Alam. A Novel Hybrid Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Combining Modified Artificial Bee Colony and Firefly Algorithms: Performance Evaluation on Continuous Function Optimization Problems
86 Rianon Zaman, Khan Raqib Mahmud, Abul Kalam Al Azad and Md. Asifuzzaman Jishan. Prediction of DNA Binding Protein from Profile Based Hidden Markov Model Feature
87 Aisha Khatun, Anisur Rahman, Hemayet Ahmed Chowdhury, Md. Saiful Islam and Ayesha Tasnim. A Subword Level Language Model for Bangla Language
89 Md. Sabab Zulfiker, Nasrin Kabir, Hafsa Moontari Ali and Mohammad Shorif Uddin. Sentiment Analysis Based on Users' Emotional Reactions about Ride-sharing Services on Facebook and Twitter
92 Md. Rashid Al Asif, Nagib Mahfuz and Md. Abdul Momin. An SDN-enabled IoT Architecture with Fog Computing and Edge Encryption Support
95 Jinat Ara and Hanif Bhuiyan. Upgrading YouTube Video Search by Generating Tags Automatically through Semantic Analysis of Contextual Data
100 Sumaiya Amin Anamika, Md. Ar Rafi Khan, Md. Mayen Hasan Sefat and Muhammad Golam Kibria. IoT based Smart Security Service Provisioning using Voice Controlled Door Locking System
109 Md. Shahriare Satu, Syeda Tanjila Atik and Mohammad Ali Moni. A Novel Hybrid Machine Learning Model To Predict Diabetes Mellitus
112 Md. Zahid Hasan, Shakhawat Hossain, Mohammad Shorif Uddin and Dr. Mohammad Shahidul Islam. An Optimized Pruning Technique for Handling Uncertainty in Decision Making Process
118 Omer Mujahid, Zahid Ullah, Abdul Hafeez and Tama Fouzder. Design Exploration of LH-CAM with Updating Mechanism
122 Dr. Mohammd Monir Uddin. Computational Techniques for Structure Preserving Model Reduction of Constrain Dynamical Models
124 Ratul Hasan Shaon, Md. Ariful Islam and M Saddam Hossain Khan. A Digital Platform Design for Supply Chain of Existing Fish Market in Bangladesh 
126 Md. Shopon, Nazmul Alam Diptu and Nabeel Mohammed. End to End Optical Character Recognition Using Sythetic Dataset Generator For Noisy Conditions
127 Zinnia Khan Nishat and Md Shopon. Unsupervised Pretraining and Transfer Learning Based Bangla Sign Language Recognition 
128 Md. Sabir Hossain, Mohammad Robaitul Islam Bhuiyan, Md. Shariful Islam, Md. Faridul Islam and Md. Al-Hasan. Facilitating Hard-to-Defeat Car AI using Flood-fill Algorithm
130 Rakib Ul Haque, Anil Mahmud and Md.Akhtaruzzaman Adnan. A Novel Method for Ghost Removal in High Dynamic Range Images
131 Shuhena Salam Aonty, Md. Sabir Hossain, Shoilee Dutta and Mohammad Robaitul Islam Bhuiyan. Efficient Graph Search Algorithm using Minimum Spanning tree based on Clustering
133 S.M. Rahadul Islam, Md. Mayen Hasan Sefat, Md. Ahsan Habib and Muhammad Golam Kibria. IoT Based Household Water Quality Monitoring And Contamination Detection System Using Wireless Sensor
134 Md. Rabiul Ali Sarker, Khondaker Tanzim Alam and Dr. Tanzilur Rahman. DiChokro - An Anti Stealing System for Two Wheelers
135 Nur-A-Alam Shiddiki, Lamia Alam and Mohammed Moshiul Hoque. Developing a Fuzzy Features based Online Bengali Handwritten Word Recognition System
138 Md. Kaykobad Reza, Rifat Rubayatul Islam and M. Sohel Rahman. Automatic Summarization of Scientific Articles from Biomedical Domain
139 Md. Talukder, Nabil Islam, Shaila Sharmin, Abdullah Al Omar and Sakib Hasan. Bringing a Change in Digital Mobile Banking through Distributed Technology
143 Parisa Mehera, M. F. Mridha, Nasima Begum and Md. Mohaiminul Islam. Internal Abnormalities Detection of Human Body Analyzing Skin Images using Convolutional Neural Network
144 Md Delowar Hossain, Md Abu Layek, Tangina Sultana, Md Alamgir Hossain, Md Imtiaz Hossain, Waqas Ur Rahman and Eui-Nam Huh. Orchestration Based Task Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing in Small-Cell Networks
145 Abu Tayab Noman, Humayun Rashid, Mohammad Emdadul Islam and Md. Salman Khan. IoT and Cloud Based A Low Cost Multilingual Supportive System for Patients with Blind Autism and Visual Impairment Utilizing Wearable Sensors
148 Sumaiya Tasmim, Abrar Hasin Kamal, Mohammad Obaidullah Tusher and Nafees Mansoor. DEB: A Delay and Energy Based Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks